Venous Oxygen Content - CvO2


Venous Oxygen Content: CvO2 = (Hb x 1.34 x (SvO2/100)) + (0.0031 x PvO2)


CvO2 normal 15 Vol%


The total amount of oxygen in 100 ml of venous blood equal to the sum of the amount combined with hemoglobin and the amount dissolved in plasma. CvO2: Mixed Venous Content in Vol% (mL O2/dL blood) . Hb: Hemoglobin content in g/dl 1.34: Amount of oxygen the 1g of fully saturanted hemoglobin can hold. SvO2: Mixed venous oxygen content %. PvO2: Mixed venous oxygen content. 0.003: Amount of dissolved oxygen for 1 mmHg of PaO2.

Systemic Vascular Resistance (SVR) Equation

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